Packaging Design That Plays with Consumer Psychology

No matter what product you are selling, you will want it to stand out in the shelf. Everyone tried to beat the competition in this regard but it is a no-brainer that not everyone succeeds. So, you may wonder about the factors which can help you in making your product better than others in terms of popularity and reputation. Surely you will have to focus on branding in this regard but branding itself is a wider domain.

In this article, we will talk about packaging design and, more specifically, about the role of consumer psychology in packaging design.

Color is the key

The role of color is huge in manipulating the consumer psychology in order to increase sales. This is the reason that color psychology has been found to have a huge influence over consumer behavior. For instance, blue packaging of any product tends to instill the sense of safety, reliability and trust in the minds of the customers. However, it is also to be remembered that color connection can differ based of the consumers’ demographics. A huge role in this regard is played by the culture in this regard.

A bit of texture can be helpful

While color psychology plays an important role in the branding, many people underestimate the power of sensory marketing which is the next big thing after color psychology. This is the reason that most of the marketers, who are pretty much aware of the importance of color psychology, usually forget about adding texture in the package design. Nevertheless, this important factor surely makes a package design successful.

The shapes on the package

When it comes to designing a package for your product, you have to make sure that you are picking the right shapes to make your product stand out on the shelf. The shapes you need to take into consideration in this regard mainly involve the forms and fonts. Generally, the curvy and circular lines are associated with the friendliness. On the other hand, straight and angular lines create a feeling of power, strength and masculinity. It means that you need to study the role of shapes in branding if you want to reap the benefits of consumer psychology.

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